Video Credit: David Hoenisch, Burning Sands Media


Who I am

They say a good writer bio includes information on your accomplishments as a writer. I’m still working on that part of my portfolio; I haven’t won any awards or published any novels. I have, however, survived 7-ish years as a foster care worker and juvenile probation officer, 1 year as a special education job coach, and 9 years of college. In each of those things, I have written a lot, and I hope to expand my writing to a point where I can list published works here.

Aside from a writer, I am a petite, quirky wife who loves to work with special needs, under privileged youth and their families. I like chess and legos, cooking, reading my Bible, and spending time with my husband.

I’m still finding my niche as far as writing, but I read something recently that helped me gain a little perspective on my writing: “If you want to be a writer, you must know death and pain and evil and injustice, know it as intimately as you know your soul. A writer’s job is to bring the bad to life just as well as the good.” (Joe Bunting, 10 Steps to Becoming a Writer)