A Proud Wife

My husband and I have been both working hard lately to better ourselves in our creative ventures. He has been so encouraging, pushing me without forcing me to do anything, and helping me get through moments of frustration. He’s so kind. And as he has been doing this, he’s also been going to school full time and working on his own venture. I am remarkably blessed.

I’m also super proud, and I love getting to watch as he lets himself be stretched and grows in the Lord and in his craft. He has been working on various video projects and was able to upload a video on youtube just today (check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2YD-EKcGgZ14AFo7BobYHA). I cannot describe to you how excited I was when he told me the video was up.

I enjoy seeing friends and family do well, but I never expected to feel the overwhelming gush of pride that comes from my husband pursuing his passions. There aren’t really words, which has made writing this blog a bit difficult.

Marriage ties you to someone else more fully than any other relationship. His success is my success. His failure is my failure. His joys, losses, stresses, and excitement are mine too. That would seem overwhelming were it not for the fact that the reverse is true. We share each other’s burdens and we build each other up.

Before meeting my husband, I worried that in marriage, I would lose myself. Instead, I have become a better, more complete version of myself. I am better with him than without him. I learn and grow more since I am connected to him. He gave me my voice back; well, God did, but through my husband. I left writing behind for so long, and I am so glad I am doing it again. I’m proud of my husband and so blessed by his heart.