Sometimes a Story...

Sometimes a story begs to be written. It comes as thought it wrote itself. It flows out your fingers and onto the page or screen like water over a waterfall. It refuses to be contained and seeks attention as though it just needs a little more love and nourishment.

Sometimes a story demands to be written. It doesn’t just seek attention, it consumes every ounce of energy you have. It eats at you, gnaws away at every waking moment, haunts your dreams, forces its way onto the page whether you want it to or not. It violently attacks and without any regard for the million other things you have to get done, it grabs at your hands and puts them to pen or key.

Sometimes a story is shy. It wants to be written. It craves attention. But it needs coaxing. It wants to be pursued and if you don’t seek it out, it will continue to hide just out of sight. It’s not that it can’t be written; it just is a bit on the reserved side.

Sometimes a story is distracted. It wants its own life; it wants your imagination. But it wanders away on its own, distracted by butterflies and pretty flowers. It likes snowflakes one minute and the blazing hot sun the next. It seems ever so frivolous, but really that’s just the confused attempt to follow it speaking.

Sometimes a story is stubborn. It will sit down, cross it’s arms, and turn up its nose at you. You can coax. You can pursue. You can set your fingers on the keys and wait for it to come. You can demand. You can cry and whine, but no matter how hard you push or manipulate, it just won’t come easily. You drag it out of yourself, throw it onto the page, grow weary and exhausted by the effort and the push yourself some more.

You see, writing is not the same process for every story, blog post, poem, or song. Each moment we sit down to write, we find our work has its own personality. Now, if you haven’t experienced this, you may have been thinking about two sentences in: “This chick is a nut!” Well… you’re not necessarily wrong. I’d like to think of it more as creative than nuts, crazy, or even weird. Though, I would have to admit that any of those could be considered applicable. The point is that a story can be all consuming no matter how easy or difficult the process of getting it out. That sometimes leads to attempting to avoid the whole thing, but whether we want to write a story or not, it likely will invade our minds. Just because you write a story doesn’t mean you have to share it, but if the story takes your attention, listen to it. (I am speaking to myself too!) You never know, you may fall in love with the story and find yourself drawn to share it with as many people as you can.