You Should Have Seen It!

I wish you could have joined me on my drive to work this morning! It was beautiful.

I'm not sure the science behind it, but something about last night's weather blanketed the landscape in thick frost. At home, it started as a light sprinkling that sparkled like God put a jewel on every blade of dead grass. As I drove, the frost thickened and covered only the east side of the trees and fence posts. By the time I got close to town, though, everything without a furnace wore a heavy coating of white frost. From a distance, this frost looked like solid ice, but up close, it proved composed of feathery, delicate crystals.

It cast such a peaceful glow across the valley, so inviting and warm that I just wanted to stop and stare. And take pictures.

The already vibrant blue sky popped so brilliantly against those white landmarks. One of my favorite moments came as I drove down the hill into town. I looked to my left and saw a huge tree covered in black birds. Usually, such a sight might escape my notice but the pure black of their feathers against the pure white glittering on the tree made for quite the scene.

I think sometimes we ignore the beauty around us. Maybe we lose ourselves in our thoughts. Maybe we let the darkness around us prevent us from catching a glimpse at the light. Whatever the case, we forget to take a moment to just breathe and to enjoy the moments I relished this morning of a gorgeous drive through a winter wonderland.

Sure, I long for warmer days, but why let what I don't have make me miserable when what I do have is so lovely?