Energizers: Good News

Have you ever noticed how great good new is?  It’s wonderful to hear someone else’s good news; it’s wonderful to get good news directly related to yourself; and it’s wonderful to share good news with others.  One might say it energizes us.

Why is that?  As long as we’re not completely self-focused, someone else’s good news allows us to step into their life and rejoice with them over something.  Unless we’re pretty bitter or unwilling to see others succeed, we generally like to see others do well.  Maybe it reminds us there’s hope for us to do well also.  As believers, it not only is a nice thing, it’s a command that we rejoice with one another.

Our own good news energizes us because it gives us something to enjoy and to often includes an element of something to look forward to.  Even on a bad day, it can renew in us the energy to face the day and can give us hope.  Our hope is not wrapped up entirely on the good news of the moment; we have far greater good news.  Somehow, though, little moments of happy things now can remind us of that hope of eternity and can help us remember the truth of God’s goodness.

When we get to share good news with others, not only do we rejoice in our own news but we get to see them get excited too.  There’s just something very special about bringing a smile to someone else’s face.  I hadn’t really thought about it until I was able to share some very good news with someone yesterday; it was over the phone, but I could still hear the excitement and joy.  That lifted my spirits all the more.  Sometimes we just need to share good news with others.

That being said, why are we so loathe to share the best news ever with someone else?  We know good news energizes us, and those who take the leap of faith involved in sharing the Gospel with someone often experience the joy of that good news all over again from when they first believed.  Yet, we shy away from it; we approach it like we’re going to tell someone we ran over their dog.  It’s more like punishment and torture.  I’m not just calling you out on this, by the way; I do it too.

The next time you are presented with an opportunity to share the Gospel, remember, it’s the best news ever.  If someone doesn’t rejoice in it, that’s not on you.  And it’s not an indicator that you didn’t share good news.  They’re not ready yet, but you have done the right thing by offering them a chance to experience joy in the most amazing way possible.