Energizers: Accomplishing Goals

I have to change up my scheduling method every six months to a year. I can’t use the same type of planner from year to year or write my to do list the same way. If I do, I end up losing the motivation that comes with that particular method of planning.

Thankfully, this year, the need to change came right around the time we moved and my job ended. I was going to have to come up with a new way of doing things anyway. That made it easier to just go for it instead of trying to tell myself I HAD to do things a certain way and only changing when desperation set in.

This change reinforced for me a lesson I have been learning really all my life but in particular lately. It’s easy to lose focus and energy when you don’t have a boss keeping on you to get stuff done or a set schedule with demands you must meet every day. So how do you energize yourself in those times?

Everyone is different, but a pretty common motivator in North American culture is goals. Our mindset puts us in need of having a specific, measurable, achievable goal. And when we accomplish that goal, we find the energy for the next thing. Please understand that this is not the only way to think and be motivated. Rather than get into a cultural conversation, however, at this point, I want to focus just on this particular way of thinking.

One reason this works is that it it helps us look toward the big picture of what we want to get done and then take the necessary steps to accomplish that task. When we can mark down the steps, we see progress and we don’t settle into the mindset that what we set out to do is impossible. This is applicable whether we have a job in an office somewhere or we work remotely or we are in school full time (caps and gowns are a great way to be able to share, “I have accomplished my goal!”) or we don’t work but have a home and family to take care of. In fact, I think it has helped tremendously in my housework.

When we look around at our homes, it is often easy to become overwhelmed. There’s just so much to do! But breaking it down into a few tasks every day keeps the house clean and helps us to see that the goal of a clean home is accomplishable. We aren’t going to be perfect; especially the more people we have in the home to generate a mess. But we have the ability to manage better than if we do not give ourselves goals to accomplish. And we are energized to keep going. If we don’t complete the entire to do list today, it’s okay. We can get back to it tomorrow, but at least we can check things off and know we haven’t bit off more than we can chew. This also gives us flexibility to adjust as life changes.

If goals aren’t your way to energize yourself, that’s okay. Just know that if they are, you aren’t alone. It’s okay to need and want goals to keep you going.