Writing It Out: Exhaustion

There are times where writing is particularly hard; often these times come when we are just so tired we cannot put together a complete sentence without great effort. What do we do in these times?

Honestly, this is quite subjective. There are many factors which I cannot take into account. And if you follow this blog closely at all, you already know that I went through an extended period of time that I wasn’t writing. So please understand that I know there are times you just aren’t going to be up to writing, but I would like to posit something that I myself should listen to: When possible, write anyway.

You may not write much or of the quality you would like. That’s ok! One of the reasons we don’t write when we are exhausted is that we are hard on ourselves. We know we won’t write the most fascinating, well-written piece of art we’ve ever created, and therefore we don’t write at all. Better to not write something rejection worthy than to be hurt by putting a piece of ourselves out there knowing it won’t be well received. Right?

Well… No. It hurts to say that. I know that feeling. I know how scary it is to put out there even a well done piece of our writing. Our writing is a part of our souls so when we put it out there and it isn’t well received, it feels like a rejection of ourselves. I’ve been there. I’m there every time I sit down to write a blog, especially if I check out the performance of the one before and find it didn’t do so well. It’s not easy to put yourself on the line on a good day let alone on one of those days where you’re just so tired you can hardly move.

But your step of courage may just be what someone needs. People know when you are being real and when you are just fulfilling a task. When you’re super tired, you can’t help but be real. There’s no energy to put up even a slight veneer of a mask. People see that and it is like a breath of fresh air. So write anyway. Someone else may need that blessing.

Further, as you write through the exhaustion, you are giving yourself a little confidence boost. Every time we give in to an excuse not to write, we break off a little piece of our writing confidence. It may not seem like it, but those excuses create in us more self-doubt than we already had. I don’t know about you for sure, but I’m fairly certain we creatives don’t need much help in doubting ourselves. And as believers, we run into the fact that we aren’t sure whether we should even let ourselves have any sort of confidence in our writing.

Friends. God didn’t give you a creative mind to hide. We are image bearers. And the image we bear is of an infinitely creative God who doesn’t hesitate to share that creativity with the world. We are not able to create as He does; even the most talented painter cannot make a sunset as beautiful as God can to say nothing of generating an entire universe out of nothing. But hiding our creativity is denying that God gave us anything of value to share with the world. It’s spitting in God’s face. And believe me, this cuts me pretty deep. It’s much easier to just ignore my own creativity, but here’s the thing…

When we put our creativity out there, the truth is that we aren’t just putting our soul on the line for all to see. We are sharing God with people. It isn’t our talent to hold onto and keep private. We were made to glorify God. Our creativity is a way we can and should do that. That does mean that we need to be careful with our words. Do they reflect God or me? When the goal is to glorify God, I would propose that in reality it is a reflection of Him in me which means my identity is seen for my identity is entirely wrapped up in Christ.

So tired creatives, sometimes you really do need to just give yourself a break and rest, but make that a choice based on how you will reflect Christ today not based on how you feel. And remember HIS strength is made perfect in our weakness, so take the leap and let Him shine.