Writing It Out: Passion

As I sat down to write today, I realized I didn’t want to write because nothing I was considering writing about was even remotely interesting to me. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, we are most likely to stay engaged with it if we’re passionate about it.

We’ve already discussed that sometimes creativity is a difficult way of life because it can be dependent upon the whims of inspiration. This is even more true when we are trying to be creative about something which doesn’t spark our interest or doesn’t have enough of a spark. When we are fully engaged with our subject area, we tend to stick with it better not just because we enjoy it but because we see purpose in it. We see the why: Why am I telling this story? What does this add to myself and/or others? We see the answers to these questions and have no problem moving forward because these things drive us. When our purpose is only to meet a deadline, we are less than thrilled with what needs to be accomplished and we may meet the deadline but we are not engaging in the process the way we could or should.

Sometimes we do have to do things we aren’t passionate about in order to reach a point where we can engage with our passions. There’s nothing wrong with this, but when it is the case, we need to find a way to connect meaning to our task. Meaning that is important to us. What you care about can translate into your work even if you don’t particularly like your work.

For example, perhaps you are writing on a topic you don’t particularly care about. You enjoy writing because you like using the written word to help educate others. You may not care about this topic, but how can you write it in such a way as to educate others? You can turn that deep desire to help others learn into a passionate seeking out as much information as you can on the topic at hand in order to be able to explain it well. You’ve just gone from a boring task to a task you can jump into with fervor.

This all goes back to something else we have discussed before: we have to CHOOSE to look for the positive, the things we enjoy. We may not love every aspect of what we do, but we can use what we do love about something to overcome the things we hate. It makes us better employees, friends, family members.