Snapshots of Grief: Quiet Days

You will honestly probably reach a point in your grieving process where there will be quiet days. Days where the overwhelming emotions are calm. Days where you can breathe again.

These days may be scary at first; you might feel like your quiet days mean something is wrong. You’ve gotten so used to the upheaval that you just naturally expect it. When you’re in the midst of the tidal wave, you wish for the quiet, but when it comes, you aren’t sure how to handle it.

Scary though they may be, the quiet days are so very important. They show progress. They also help us recharge our batteries so that they next wave that hits us is survivable even if it is draining and incredibly painful.

Embrace the quiet days. Let them be what they are. Praise God for them because they are another indication of His great care for you. He is the only One who can heal your hurting heart.