Energizers: Exciting Plans

In recent days, I’ve had the joy of having several exciting plans. I’m always amazed at how much more energy I seem to have when I am excited about something. I can whip through mundane or exhausting tasks so much more readily when I know I get to do something I enjoy.

Do you ever find yourself dreading the tasks that need to be done so much that by the time you get a chance to do something fun you don’t even want to do that?

It’s a common struggle. We pack our lives full (or so we think) of things that need to get done. We feel like we don’t have a spare minute so when the time comes to do something enjoyable, we would really rather go home and take a nap. Sometimes that’s exactly what we need to do. But sometimes the problem is our approach.

It’s rare that I have a week where I don’t have something scheduled I’m excited about. And most people I talk to have something they are looking forward to that is reachable. Why don’t we use that to our advantage?

Maybe we don’t realize we can.

Time seems to move faster when there is light at the end of the tunnel, so let’s take advantage of that. Look for those opportunities to schedule in some fun time and then use the intervening time to work through the things that you aren’t all that energetic about. Remind yourself as you are busy: This just brings me one step closer to _____.

Now I want to put a little caveat in here… We need to be careful to have joy in what we are doing even if it isn’t something we want to do. Only looking ahead makes us lose out a great deal on the beauty of the moments in between. However, knowing that we are human and we sometimes need a little push, I think it’s fair to use our exciting plans as ways to help energize us. The best energizer of all is knowing that we are going to heaven one day, and that is definitely a really exciting plan. We can use that to help ourselves keep going on some pretty tough days, but let’s be real that sometimes eternity feels obscure and far away and we need something a bit more temporal to nudge us along. It is entirely possible to have our primary motivation be eternal while we enjoy the little bread crumbs along the way.