Energizers: Change

Change is a funny thing. Sometimes it’s dreadful and exhausting. Sometimes it’s wonderful and almost magical. And sometimes it’s both.

My husband and I have experienced a lot of exhausting changes in the past couple years. Some of them have been incredibly painful. Some of them have just required a lot of energy we didn’t have. Some felt good but also took everything we had.

We’ve also experienced some very wonderful changes, and right now we’re going through one that is surprisingly energizing: the changing of the seasons.

We both like fall; always have. This year, for me at least, the coming of fall is particularly energizing because in these last few weeks of pregnancy the cooler temperatures are an incredible relief. And they’re a good reminder that while change can be incredibly hard, it can also give us a renewed energy.

Sometimes change just helps us have a purpose again. We can get into a rut, so being able to change things up reminds why we are doing whatever it is we are doing.

It might help us with our creativity. Sometimes we need a change of scenery or pace to get our brains kicked back into their usual creative mode. And we all have our own ways we are creative. Don’t discount yourself just because you don’t think you can write, draw, or sing.

Change might be something along the lines of the seasonal changes where we’re not as uncomfortable as we were so we can focus better.

Change doesn’t have to be a big thing to produce big results. A slight drop (or rise) in temperature may be all it takes to get you from hot and uncomfortable to comfortable and able to move with ease again. So don’t discount change just because it CAN be wearying. It might be just what you need to get you moving in a good direction again.