Write It Out: Meal Plans

Not everyone is a meal planner. And that’s okay. For those that are, there’s something important we must be sure to remind ourselves of: It’s okay to disrupt the plan now and again.

I struggle with that. I want my meal plan to work for the circumstances and I don’t want to have to change it. If you look, though, at my meal plan for the past month, you will find that every week there was a reason to change things around. Sometimes this has been a source of great frustration for me. I write my grocery lists based upon my meal plans and I don’t like having to go to the store again because something changed.

The danger in not being flexible with my meal plan though is that I can quickly become inhospitable toward potential guests. I can be demanding and controlling of my husband and his time. I can become a downright grouch!

Meal plans are meant to be a tool to help us organize, shop, and prepare more efficiently. Inflexibility in those plans really diminishes the effectiveness of the tool. When we meal plan with open hands, we are able to enjoy the plan. It works for us, allowing us to prepare for meals in advance and saving us time and often money. When we hold tightly to the plan, we allow ourselves to be stingy and harsh. We don’t allow for taking care of unexpected needs. We create tension where none need exist.

Write out your meal plans, planners, but be willing to have them change. It will make the plan a more joyful thing!