Energizers: Hearing

Ok, honestly, coming up with a title today just wasn’t working. My main point is that there are certain things we hear that just help boost our energy levels and for each person that’s different.

Recently, my husband and I were exploring the beautiful scenery around where we live. We’re a short drive from several canyons boasting absolutely breathtaking sights; we look out the window of our home and see mountains. It’s phenomenal!

And in those beautiful places, there is something even more wonderful to me than the sights. Now, I know not everyone is going to feel as I do about this. For those who are more visually oriented, the grand vistas we can encounter within easy distance of our home would probably be more energizing, but I am sure there are probably sounds or songs that boost your energy as these sounds boosted mine.

In one meadow area we found, up in the mountains, far away from the hubbub we encountered lower in the canyon, we were free of the sounds of traffic. Every once in a while a car or two came by, but it wasn’t a constant ruckus like we have gotten used to. Our phones worked in the particular spot, but we didn’t have them on us while we were exploring. We were specifically working on getting some video shots, so there were moments where you could hear the drone whirring around the meadow. But we kept flight time to a minimum and in those quiet moments, we could hear the breeze blowing through. It wasn’t a windy day; there was just a nice light breeze. And the sound of that breeze in the grass and the trees was really quite invigorating.

For someone like me who is very auditory, sound is probably more energizing (or de-energizing) than for those who are more visual. There are certain sounds that just get me pumped and ready for the day. There are also sounds that bother me so much they put me in a sour mood that I can’t seem to snap out of. They drain me of my energy. So I know to be careful about not just the words I listen to (be they spoken or sung) but also the sounds. I didn’t develop this insight instantaneously, so I share with you the power of sounds in hopes that someone might benefit from what I have learned.

We know that white noise can be very beneficial if we are trying to concentrate or sleep because it drowns out other noises around us which may inhibit our ability to focus or to fall asleep. We also know that the right work out playlist can get us pumped and motivate us to push harder and keep going even when it’s hard. So on some level, we do understand that sound is valuable to our well being. We just maybe haven’t realized just how much of a difference it can make.

We set the mood for so many things with music, and that is valid. But what about just plain old sound? What sounds do you just love? Until it beeps repeatedly to tell me it’s done, I love the sound of my dishwasher running. I hadn’t realized how much until I sat down to right this and I noticed the soothing sound it makes. Believe me, I know that isn’t going to be everyone’s thing. A river. A waterfall. Traffic sounds. What is restful to you? What is energizing to you? What aggravates you?

You don’t have to listen to music or have the TV on to give you the energy to accomplish things. Sometimes you just need the right sound. Listen to what’s going on around you and really hear it. What is working and what isn’t? Sometimes all it takes to change the dynamics in your favor is to close or open a door or window. Don’t make it hard; enjoy what’s going on around you!