Recommended Reading List

One of the most important parts of the writing process is to read other authors, so I will suggest various books here. My tastes are quite varied, so you never know what to expect. Everything from kids books to classic literature may show up here. Get your book appetite on and adventure with me through some of my favorites!


A Tale of two cities

From the start, Charles Dickens paints for his readers a contrast. Throughout the book, stark contrast is brought to mind and yet we find that even in vast differences, we are all more alike than we may think.

They Smell Like Sheep

Leaders, especially in ministry, need to understand that the people they guide will grow and flourish best when their leaders are in the trenches with them. This isn’t a clean business, and Dr. Lynn Anderson does a fantastic job using story telling to explain the need for leaders who love their people.


Charles Swindoll is probably one of my favorite story tellers, and his work on the life of King David is fantastic. Sometimes wading through the culture, history, and Biblical context of David can be overwhelming as there is so much written on him in Scripture. Swindoll pulls together the details in an accurate way but does so in a narrative format that makes learning the facts enjoyable.